Welcome to J W Waste

J W Waste is a rapidly growing family based company serving Bath, Bristol East Somerset and West Wiltshire. Although only about 6 years old, our success is based on our reliable service, cost effective prices, flexibility and an efficient customer services.

Let’s be honest, waste disposal is not a sexy subject. As a customer, all you are really interested is cost, reliability and customer support if something goes wrong.


Being a small company we do not have the same overheads as many other companies out there. We get most of our business by word of mouth so we do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising (which ultimately, you the customer pay for).


We always do our best to collect your waste. If for any reason we miss a collection (access blocked etc), we will always endeavour to arrange an alternative date. Being a smaller company we have a flexible dedicated workforce who do not have the ’do it by the book’ attitude prevalent in many larger companies.

Efficient customer support

Our office staff are small in number but know our business inside out. There is no exchange to struggle through and multiple options to get to talk to a human being.

We are looking to build long term business relationships with our customers. As such it’s in our interest to provide you will a cost effective efficient service so that you want to retain our services too.