A family who ran Porthmadog Skip Hire, which was based in Gwynedd, have been banned from running heavy goods vehicles indefinitely, after breaching environmental laws.

The siblings Michael Gaffey, Joseph Gaffey and Patricia Gaffey were jailed in March 2017 for illegally storing waste.

They had taken over the business 'Porthmadog Skip Hire' after their father Joseph Gaffey, 90, retired.

Traffic Commissioner Nick Jones said they had "badly let down" their father.

The Commissioner revoked their commercial vehicle operating licences, including their father's, following a public inquiry. "It is regrettable that I have to make such an unpleasant order. However, his children have only themselves to blame," he said.

In a letter to the inquiry, Mr Gaffey's wife said her husband had left the running of the business to his children and he "trusted them to carry on the business" as he had done.

Traffic commissioner, Mr Jones, said while he had retired from the business, Mr Gaffey was the holder of the operator's licence and the nominated transport manager and it was his duty to ensure the company complied with all relevant aspects of the law.

J W Waste Recycling Limited would urge those that are hiring skips to check that the company they are dealing with has all the relevant legal authorisations and permits to operate within the law, and operate their vehicle fleets in a roadworthy condition.