The amount of waste being recycled in the UK has fallen for the first time since monitoring began in 2010. While England and Northern Ireland experienced falls, Wales and Scotland saw recycling increase.

The figures from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs show we all need to work harder to ensure the UK are leaders in the recycling of domestic and commercial waste. The figures from 'The Statistics on UK Waste', whilst disappointing, can be turned around.

The level of UK domestic waste recycled in 2015 fell below 44%, that means there's work to be done to meet the Waste Framework Directive target of 50% by 2020.

J W Waste  & Recycling is committed to helping to achieve this target. Our own operation tries to ensure that anything that is fit for recycling is recycled.

To find out more about what J W Waste can, and can't recycle, check out our 'Fit fo Recycling' fact sheet.